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October edition 🎃

Hello everybody,

as September and beginning of October was quite eventful for me I skipped the newsletter last month, but don’t worry: I’ve got some cool things to share in this one! And if I feel like I can’t share something cool in the future I might also skip a newsletter here and there because I want to keep this valuable to you. Enough with the preface, let’s get to it :)

New Theme “Emilia”

The Gatsby starter called “Emilia” was the second starter I ever created and is still one of my favourites. It was the first time I used react-spring for page transitions, it’s minimalistic and a great template for photographers. As I like to take photos of landscapes myself I’d probably use this theme.

You can see a live preview on and enjoy the newly added features (compared to the original starter):

  • Light/Dark Mode
  • CSS Grid instead of Flexbox + Masonry grid
  • Colored shadows around images
  • Theme UI

I created the new design in Figma and decided to also share designs from now on! Go here to see the design preview. I’d be really glad to see what you create with this new theme as I’m super pumped that the new theme functionality and shadowing makes it easier for you to use it.

Theme WIP: “Minimal Blog”

You might know my starter and it’ll be the next one converted to a theme 👍 But the design will change a bit as I want to emphasize the “minimal” more - have a look at a preview photo. Once I publish the theme you’ll of course also have the ability to view it on Figma. But for the time being I rather not have people seeing me late night editing on that 😜

News & Articles

A lot has happened in the last two months so I can’t cover everything, however I want to highlight and comment a bunch of stuff.

1. Creating your own Status Dashboard with Gatsby

Even though it’s a really short article and mostly explains you how to use/install my theme, I want to mention some key aspects how I created that theme and why that’s beneficial for your end-users. When thinking about such status page theme in general you can really easily get to a point where you basically create a starter and the end-user is forced into your design, layout, and the “starter” itself. That’s not how a theme should work. It was important for me that the theme only exports components and grabs its data in hooks (own files) and only my example project / starter has the final design. This way people can integrate it into their existing design or have a jump start with the starter. Please always think of customizability and re-usability when creating a theme!

2. Theme Jam: Prismic Power Legal Pages Theme - Allan Pooley - Gatsby Days London 2019

If you weren’t at Gatsby Days or missed the video, here is another reminder :) The talk shows in a great way how Gatsby themes help your productivity and hence have more time for Schmizzle.

3. Theme UI Components

If you know Rebass then this should feel really familiar to you. In short, Theme UI components are kinda a replacement for Rebass so feel free to change your setup. And if you don’t know Rebass: It’s preconfigured/pre-built components with styled-system, now here with Theme UI. So you don’t have to build your own Button/Box etc. over and over again. I’m super stoked to use to in my upcoming theme.


I gave a talk about Gatsby’s open source philosophy at a Hacktoberfest event. You can find the slides of the talk here.

Maggie Appleton did a great illustration of what Gatsby Themes are at Gatsby Days London. Have a look at the photo and be impressed by her handwriting!

Thank you for reading and see you next time :)





Published on October 31, 2019
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